Sue Howes – UK Family History Research

I have been researching  my family history for over thirty years.

For the past 10 years I have been researching for friends and family. Since retiring, I want to grow this love and obsession to reveal to others the history of their family.

I have found it brings a great deal of satisfaction to uncover your roots: to discover the grain of truth in that family story; to learn about the rise and fall, or fall and rise of family fortunes.

Let me help you discover your history, whether you’ve hit a brick wall with your own research or want to start from scratch, contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

My main area for research is England, particularly London, here are selections of documents I can offer:

Genealogy Reports, noting BMD and census information. Individual Person Reports noting BMD and census information.

Certificates can be obtained for £11 or £7 if a PDF download is available unless purchasing a package which includes some free certificates should it be necessary to order them to proceed with the research or if you want copies.

£12 per hour, the FIRST HOUR IS FREE, so if a quick enquiry, it may not cost you a penny! Other packages from £50 available.

Mobile: 07572 214 515