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There are many reasons to research your ancestry, but primarily most of us want to feel that we have roots. The reasons for learning about the history of your family may be very personal to you, while some of us are merely curious.Whatever your reasons for researching your family tree,finding out about your ancestors can be an enjoyable and enriching experience, interesting and exciting; a real voyage of discovery.

Each new fact you learn about your ancestors offers new leads to be investigated; names, dates,relationships: photos, stories, and secrets, so varied and confusing that you simply have to delve deeper and deeper into the virtual treasure chest of information.

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from,where they went, or how they got there, and why? Is there a family story that you want to investigate, or a family name passed down through generation after generation? Dates that don’t add up, mysteries to be solved.

I can help you find answers to these and many more questions about your family.
I have been a genealogical researcher now for more than 9 years, working as a Provider for Expert Connect since September 2009,until their closure in February 2011, and have successfully completed in excess of 50 projects for them, besides my own private work. I am also a transcriber for the UK census, and FreeBMD, plus am a member of SPRS: Staffordshire Parish Registers Society, and YPRS: Yorkshire Parish Register Society, who are dedicated to the transcription of old and ancient parish registers which are then published in book & disc form;I transcribe these old parish registers in my spare time.I am also a member of several family history societies in England,and a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

I pride myself on being professional & thorough in my work and firmly believe that accuracy is of paramount importance, as is discretion and honesty. Authentication too is equally important, therefore,where possible, I provide documented support evidence and sources.

I’ve worked for some wonderful people over the years, tracing their families from the present day United Kingdom, America, Australia and New Zealand back to their origins. To enable me to do this I have a variety of international online resources at my disposal covering the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.Any research that needs to be done in England I am able to travel to visit archives,libraries and locations throughout the country to study documents, research familes’ and take photographs.

For anyone considering hiring a professional to research their family tree I offer a complimentary assessment of the potential success and time required before taking on any project.This assessment usually takes one to two hours and is completely free of charge.

As part of a client assignment I always provide an online tree, a data file of that tree and a full family history report. I also include, where possible, photographs of places where ancestors lived and worked, information about the areas, anecdotal stories and factual information, in fact all the little things that breathe life into a family tree.

I’m always available to clients if they have questions, or need extra help either during the assignment or after completion, as it is my belief that a family history is never quite finished, there’s always something new around the corner

Services Available:

1.Research of full family history, including online family tree,and,or printed family chart, plus full family history report in PDF format. Charged hourly, plus any out of pocket expenses such as travel to out of area archives,purchase of birth, marriage and death certificates[BMD], or other documentation. This service is charged hourly @ £12.50. I offer a starter package of 10 hours @ £110, or 15 hours @ £175.

2.Partial family tree or assistance and advice. Charged hourly @ £12.50.

3.Look-up of records from birth,marriage and death registers[BMD], 1837-2005 England and Wales, from 1855 Scotland. Look-up of the record & a copy of the certificate, set fee @ £40/$65, plus postage.

4.Look-up of baptism, marriage or burial from the Old Parish Registers[OPR]. Charged hourly , plus out of pocket expenses where necessary @ £15/$25 per hour.

5.Research at various archives throughout England for information or documents.Charged hourly, as above.

6.Photography of places, burial sites etc., in England and Wales. Charged hourly, as above.

7.Tuition and advice on family history research.Charges dependant on client requirements. Contact me for further details.

Payment can be made via PayPal, cheque or direct bank transfer.

Linda Rhead.
01630 673911.
Hollycroft Farm, Lordsley, Ashley, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 4EQ