Central England Ancestral Research

Central England researcher specialising in finding long lost friends and relatives in Central England and the surrounding counties.

Losing touch with any of these people in question can often be very concerning to many people. Whatever information you can provide us with regarding the person or the family name, however little, we will research everything possible to try and find the person or family name in question. If you have evidence of the person or members of the family born before 1911, information can be obtained from the census of that year.

On a recent research project, with very little to go on, a lady from Sidney in Australia contacted us hoping to locate her  long lost brother in the U.K.,  who she had lost contact with many years  previous. With only the town where he once lived to go on, he was eventually found and both are now in regular contact.

Another service that can be provided, is the application of all Birth, Death or Marriages certificates.

My research charges are £10-00 per hour plus  any additional documents that are required.

Contact    jwldawson@tiscali.co.uk  for further details