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We are a family run business that specialises in Genealogy and Probate Research. Based in Lancashire we are a mother and daughter team that provide worldwide genealogy and tracing services.

After years of researching our own family history and revealing the secrets of our  ancestors the next step was to set up our own business and help others find their ancestors stories . With a Private Investigation background and enhanced research skills we have brought something different to Family research and Heir Hunting. We love delving into the past and bringing it back to life by telling the stories of everyone’s ancestors.

Currently members of the Association of Professional Genealogists, The Federation of Probate and Asset Researchers, and the Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society. Our services include tracing missing relatives, researching family trees, locating beneficiaries and recovering unclaimed assets. Using international access to records of all types, we can trace beneficiaries and long lost relatives, locate missing assets, obtain up-to-date addresses and much more.

Family Trees and Hourly Research – Need help with your family?

Your family history may be a mystery to you, but imagine if you could discover who your ancestors really were!

At Genealogy Links UK we carry out ancestry research to uncover the secrets of your family’s past – not just names and dates, but fascinating facts about individuals and families; their occupation, where they lived and who with.

All the information we find out about your family; including dates, children, occupations, addresses, travel information, military details, places of interest will be included in a full genealogical report.

We perform an in-depth ancestor search, examine Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, census records, electoral rolls and many other sources to look in detail at your family heritage. Our fundamental aim is to answer your all-important question – “Who are my ancestors?”

Additional Services and Information

If extra copies of Birth, Death or Marriage certificates are required, we can order these for an additional £12.50 each.

Tracing Services – Find a long lost relative

Losing touch with members of your family can be a painful experience. If you are interested in tracing a long lost family member, or have been trying for years with little or no success, then get in touch with us at Genealogy Links UK.

We subscribe to a number of large databases which enable us to cross reference data for an individual. This then enables us to carry out follow-up investigations to establish an up-to-date address for the person.

Utilising our research skills and the success in genealogical searches, we are in the best position to help you find that missing person or long lost relative.

We offer a FREE consultation where we carry out preliminary searches to establish the likelihood in finding your missing relatives quickly. We locate missing relatives for an hourly rate.

Probate Research – Think you’re an heir?

Probate Research is when someone dies intestate, without leaving a valid will and without any known next of kin. Their estate or assets would pass to the Crown were it not for the diligent work of probate researchers like us at Genealogy Links UK.

Using all of our expertise we painstakingly compile a family tree of the deceased person, tracing the closest blood relatives – anyone from sons, daughters to distant cousins. This process may involve the utilisation of any number of resources at our disposal; including obtaining of birth, marriage and death certificates, searching electoral registers both past and present, overseas records, local archives and wills.

Many of our clients will find that it is not just the financial rewards Probate Research can offer. Often we provide you with valuable family information, and we can even play a part in reuniting families that have been separated for many years. However, you can rest assured that any information that you give us is treated with the strictest confidence, addresses and phone numbers are only exchanged with the express wishes of all parties.

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