G. Wotherspoon Genealogy Services

I have a B.Ed., M.A., and certificate in Canadian Research.  I offer complete family history research and reports, conduct workshops for all levels of genealogy and offer family history tours to countries that families would like to explore, in order to touch base with their roots.  I have a number of clients who are very satisfied with my work and hope to be able to help you as well.

I charge a $200 retainer and $45 per hour, flat rate fee in Canadian Dollars for complete research and reports.

Family history tours booked in conjunction with Ixtapa Travel in Canada, are a boutique offering so prices vary depending on the country and numbers of persons on tour. The tours are all inclusive and include time at archives and libraries, connecting with local genealogy and history organizations, and time in the town/county of interest. If you are in Europe and would like a tour in Canada or the United States, that can also be arranged.

Workshop prices vary from $100-200 Canadian depending on the number of people attending.  This includes all photocopying and workshop documents.

If interested in any of my services you can contact me by email at gdwotherspoon@gmail.com, or go to my web site: wotherspoongenealogyservices.ca