Amy Brewitt Genealogy Research Services

I would love to help you discover your ancestors! I have undertaken research projects that have helped people discover who their ancestors were, uncovered the truths behind family tales, and have helped to give many people a greater understanding of their own family’s history.

While I specialize in records from Canada (especially Ontario), the United States, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, I am always willing to pursue records from other locations as well.

Do you require research of local records and need someone to help? I can search records located in various archives, including:

  • Archives of Ontario
  • City of Toronto Archives
  • Anglican Diocese of Toronto Archives
  • Presbyterian Church of Canada Archives
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto Archives
  • United Church of Canada Archives
  • Toronto Reference Library
  • North York Central Library
  • Various other archival repositories in the Greater Toronto Area

Please contact me if you would like me to conduct research in one or more of these archives.

Whether locating one record, or researching and compiling multi-generational family tree charts, I offer genealogical research┬áservices tailored to each customer’s needs. I would be pleased to speak with you about your genealogical research needs – please e-mail me, or visit my website to find out how I can help you.

The initial fee to start your Genealogy Research file is $150.00* CDN ($US accepted at par). This is a flat fee for 4 hours of research time, during which time I compile what information is available from the client, conduct the preliminary research to support the information the client has given me, and continue to work towards the research objective(s) the client has requested. My hourly rate after the initial 3 hours of research is $40.00.* Any other fees, such as copying, document or microfilm orders, parking, etc. are in addition to the hourly fees. *Residents of Canada, please add 13% HST

For more information about my services and fees, please contact me by e-mail at or visit