Peter Clarke

Searches carried out in Parish Registers & other Parish Records including Vestry Books, Parish Accounts and Overseers Records where they exist. Searches of Census Returns, GRO index, obtaining copies of wills, searches of some local newspapers and anything else which may be useful such as archive photographs, maps etc…

Photography of any sites of interest can also be done.

Wider searches can be carried out or entire family histories compiled if required. These would most likely be done on a quotation basis.


£15.00 per hour for research – most queries/requests for individuals or searches of registers (unless tracing an entire family from scratch) can be cleared up in no more than eight hours.
Where difficulties are encountered, or possible extra expenses could arise, the client will be consulted on the best way forward.
There may be additional expenses for copies of documents & postage but these are not high.


Address: 1 Meridian Place, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9HH
Telephone: 01271 862071