Somerset Genealogy

Somerset Genealogy has invested heavily the last few years building an extensive library of rare and important books and documents. These valuable sources of information can be found nowhere else and have been a true asset to our own research projects. Some of our latest acquisitions include;

• British clockmakers & watchmakers apprentice records: 1710-1810. Moore, Dennis, 2003.

• Who’s who in Somerset. Wilson & Philips, 1934.

• The Green Room Book. T. Sealey Clark & Company Limited, 1909.

• Seventeenth Century Tokens of the British Isles and their Values. Dickinson, Micheal. 2004.

(Yes you can use these tokens in genealogical research)

The above is a very small example of some of the quality books we have purchased to help cover areas that are not available anywhere else. We also have amounted a vast collection of Monumental Inscriptions gathered from local libraries and archives. Our location and local knowledge gives me the edge when it comes to Somerset research. Within 11 miles of the two main archives that cover the whole of Somerset.

Internet research has been optimised to quickly pinpoint areas of resources, thus cutting the cost for you.

Field research to archives, local libraries, newspaper offices, churchyards etc. are all meticulously planned beforehand and online archives (where available) are consulted to source what records are available so as to make research time more efficient.

Although Somerset is our speciality, all research within England is undertaken mainly through Internet research. Field research for Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and other areas can be covered. Ask for details.

On a lesser scale. We also offer Dutch research on a limited scale (Internet only).

For all areas, we offer a free preliminary check to see if your research is viable.

Our charges are £14 an hour with a minimum of four hours.

A full days field research (8 hours) usually costs £160 which includes;

• Travel to and from archives (within a 20 mile radius)

• Photocopies and/or scans/photographs

• Photography Licence

Field research at archives can be followed ‘live’ via electronic means. As documents are found they are shared with you instantaneously, thus making the whole experience much enjoyable.

For more details and a free preliminary check please contact;

Tel: 00 44 (0)1278 423483
Ursula Martin. BA (Hons) LTR.