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Find-My-Family, J & H Barker Limited

Finding relatives, old friends, family trees or beneficiaries.


Through, professional research to discover your Scottish family history

Ancestors Uncovered

British family tree research service. Great value packages. No upfront costs.

Heritage Genealogy

Professional, qualified genealogist – based in Scotland, researching Scottish records.

Shires Genealogy

Discover your roots now; together we can make it easy!

Westwood Family History – Sally Westwood

I research and write Family Trees. Prices from £200. Expert consultation FREE.

Amy Howell – Genealogy Guru Ltd

Based in Auckland, New Zealand – I am passionate about genealogy and ready to help you

Bygone Days Genealogy

A Professional Genealogical Research company dedicated to uncovering the story behind your ancestors’ names.

Segontium Searchers

Over 25 years’ experience of Welsh research. Based in Caernarfon, Gwynedd

Debrett Ancestry Research Ltd

Long-established, reputable company for top-quality research throughout Britain

Ancestral Research by Jacqueline

Professional, friendly research by a qualified, experienced genealogist.

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