E.G. Ancestry Research

Elena Gissi

E.G. Ancestry Research in North West Italy



Italian mother tongue researching in North-West Italy and Swiss canton Ticino.

My researches are details-oriented: I do not limit myself to name and dates but I delve into the minutia of the church or civil records to find out as many information as possible about Your ancestors (address, job, military experience and more)

I believe that, sometimes, details hide a short but important story, and I work to tell You this story.

I divide a long research in smaller steps to be paid singurlarly, without any commitment to go further. At the end of each step I provide:

-          high resolution photos of all records and info I found

-          a full and very detailed report of many pages

-          a family tree

-          assistance to understand and analyse all data

I complement my hands-on job on record books of all ages, in Italian and Latin, with the following services:

-          research of graves

-          research of living relatives, first contact, meeting planning

-          ancestry tours

-          thorough online research on many different sources

My rate for a whole day on-site research is Euro 150 + travel cost depending on distance.